Mummy Long Legz

We are very proud of the Mummy Long Legz brand and would like to share some poetry which offers an insight into its birth!

An Ode to Mummy Long Legz

A tall Northern lass was feeling sick

So she finally decided to pee on a stick

The results left her jumping for joy

She soon discovered she was having a boy

Her bump grew at an alarming rate

But shopping for maternity wasn't that great

"All too short and frumpy" she cried

'Why must i look like my budgie has died?"

Harrison arrived a bundle of fun

Last thing on Mummy's mind was banishing her tum

She didn't forget her maternity quest

And swiftly set about designing the best

"The fit must be perfect, the price just right

Stylish and comfortable for those with height"

The collection is here and i'm sure you agree

Mummy Long Legz ticks all the boxes. Yipee!