Constructing The Perfect Fit

In the early days when I started Mummy Long Legz I was incredibly naive and thought ‘surely manufacturing a tall maternity clothing line can’t be that difficult’. Oh boy, was I wrong! It has taken five long years to get where we are today and the learning curve has been steep.

I thought it would be great to offer an insight into our in house design processes and allow our treasured customers to see that when it comes to product design we genuinely care about getting it right and making sure our ladies and their beautiful bumps are comfortable for pregnancy and beyond.

All of our tall maternity clothing is specifically designed for ladies with height and also for ladies who may not be particularly tall but have long limbs. We have studied each body shape in great detail and have come up with key pieces that will flatter whatever your shape.

Our products are rigorously tested and we have extremely high standards when it comes to quality of workmanship and choice of fabrics.

When designing tall maternity clothes it is not enough to simply increase the length of the garments. At Tall Maternity Store each garment goes through a detailed design process ensuring the perfect fit.

We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure that they fully understand our needs. Each size is tested on tall pregnant ladies to ensure that it is correct prior to going into production.  

When designing tall maternity trousers and tall maternity jeans, leg widths are adjusted, knees are positioned correctly and the rise is lengthened.

When designing tall maternity tops, shirts and dresses the bust position is adjusted, the empire seam and waist are lowered, the sleeves are lengthened and the shoulder widths adjusted.

The design process is incredibly long and drawn out and it takes us weeks to finalise a design.

The positive comments and five star reviews we receive make it all worthwhile and knowing that we have helped a tall mum to be to look her best and feel great is a hugely satisfying experience.

We are happy to arrange alterations to any of our styles to ensure the perfect fit. Our ever popular jeans shortening service offers exceptional value for money, we even offer to send wonderweb free of charge!

If you have any questions on the fit of our tall maternity clothes or if we can help with anything else please get in touch.